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What is Pmon ?
pmon is a protocol analysor and a packet capturing tools (like a sniffer) which provides graphical user interface under various UNIX platforms. It seperates packets into different TCP/UDP sessions. It also analyses different session information such as user ID and password information in telnet/ftp sessions, URL in WWW sessions.
Users can also turn on/off packet capturing for different sessions and set different threshold values such as number of packet received, so that pmon will change the session color after those threshold value.
Why I write this tool ?
As I'm an instructor to teach various networking courses. I write this tools to capture and analyses the packet flow of different TCP sessions. This tools also serves as a demonstration of the insecure of TCP/UDP transfers.
Which platform is required to run Pmon ?
Currenlty pmon is developed and tested under LINUX operating system. But as pmon is written under Perl language with the TK extension. It should be highly plotable (theortically should be runnable without any modification !) to all other UNIX systems which have the Perl interpreter (which should be the case in most nowadays UNIX) and the TK extension (which may need a little bit work to build this extension in various UNIX platforms, refer to Perl/TK extension FAQ. Yet its not the task of building pmon).
In fact pmon using the tcpdump utility as its back-end process. Thus you can run pmon in any UNIX box which support the Perl and TK extension while using any other UNIX box running the tcpdump as the back-end packet capturing process.
Where to get it ?
Download the compressed tar file.
Older release can be found in the project home page at sourceforge
Screen Shots
pmon main window
session window
packet capturing window
Documentation ?
Yes, again I know its important. But you know as all the IT people, I'm busy in so many many thing  ......
Release Information
Version 0.2.1 vs. 0.1.1
In 0.2.1, you can select one single window to display packets within a single session by scrolling up and down the cursor in session window. 
Fixed the delay problem of 0.1.1 for displaying packets. By changing the tcpdump with the line buffered mode, pmon now displays packets more quickly.
Some more words
As all other GPL software, this tool is provided as it is. It doesn't guarantee any performance and the author is not responsible for any lost of data or damages to the system by using this tool. Moreover, the author is not encouraging any hacking event by using this tool. Anyhow any comments and bug reports are all welcome. 
About the Author ....
Please visit my personal home page.

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